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Hi my name is Erin

and I am the owner and creator of Poosie Ltd. 

Hi my name is Erin

and I am the owner and creator of Poosie Ltd. 

about Erin

I have been grooming cats for over 17 years professionally. I have grown up around several cats along with many other pets. I have always been a natural at handling animals especially cats. When I was a little girl my mam used to always watch me with our Cats and say ” they always go still when you touch them it’s like you hypnotise them”.

I started my own pet grooming salon way back in November 2006 and recently in June 2023 I split my company Pink Whiskers and created a special cats only salon. I wanted to create a special cats only space with an elegant spa like feel. The salon is very calm with calming relaxing music on my fish cat TV screen. Lavender oil is diffused through the salon for a calming relaxing environment. 

The room is dull with a modern twist. 

cat grooming

I offer a one to one service with myself being the only cat groomer on a one cat at a time pre scheduled appointment. 

I don’t allow owners to stay with their cats as too often the fear, anxiety and stress comes from the owner and this is sensed by the cat. On rare occasions I may require the owner to come back and stay whilst I finish the groom so staying close by especially on your cats first ever visit is best. There is a local coffee shop a few doors down. On even more rare occasions I may not be able to groom your cat at all and you may require either a calming medication or full sedation with your vet.

It is very important to disclose all of your cats medical history especially any breathing or heart problems. 

Cats should be introduced to a salon as a kitten and also combed regularly at home. Even short haired cats. 


Did you know short haired cats actually shed more than long haired?  

This is because the hair cycle is shorter. Short haired cats can also become matted so regular combing is very important. 

“My cat doesn’t groom himself properly so he’s matted” if I had ÂŁ1 for every time I heard this I’d be very rich!! There is still this stigma of cats groom themselves so I don’t need to comb them. Right?..Wrong!! Cats lick themselves and with dirty tongues. They do not comb themselves. 

I mention comb a lot because a comb is your most valuable tool and so is the correct comb. Using a brush and various other cat products on the market don’t actually work and definitely don’t get through all of the layers of your cats coat. 

I can show you the correct line combing technique so you can do this at home between salon appointments. 

Regular grooming is very important and should be a part of your cats daily routine at home. Not only does it reduce furballs and keep your pet from becoming matted it’s also a special time where you can bond with your cat. 


Why wet bath a cat?

Regular bathing cleans the coat and removes grease, dirt, dandruff and sheds more hair when being blow dried.

In general cats should be bathed once every 4 to 6 weeks. Hairless breeds, however, require more frequent bathing due to their production of excess oils, so they should be bathed on a weekly schedule.
To ensure that bathing becomes a positive experience for your cat, you should introduce them as a kitten. This way it becomes the norm and it’s a regular routine.
Bathing cats later in life is still possible but will be assessed on their visit to whether a wet bath is suitable for them.
I use a combination of two dryers. One is a drybo box which they sit comfortably inside and circulates 360 degrees of air flow. The machine is very quiet and has heat and speed settings .
The second is a professional hand dryer which is more powerful and is more suitable for the more experienced cat and cats which don’t get stressed. Drying time can take anywhere from 45 minutes upto and hour and a half.


rabbit grooming

Rabbit grooming is an important part of your rabbits overall health as their coats can easily become matted if correct grooming isn’t carried out in between appointments. If required your rabbits nails will be cut to a preferred length depending whether they are indoor or outdoor rabbits, their eyes and ears will be cleaned to remove dirt and wax to prevent infections developing, a full de-shed using tools suitable for the rabbit breed and coat length will be used to remove all dead hair and comb through your rabbits coat to locate any mats and remove them. If required a panel or sanitary shave can be done on your rabbit to help prevent mats from forming on the underside of the rabbit and help keep their sanitary area clean in between grooms. Rabbits have weak hearts, any signs of stress and or panic from any breed of rabbit we will stop the groom immediately and re-book for another session.


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